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What is Passive ?


A Passive House combines high-levels of comfort with very low energy consumption.  Thermally efficient windows, insulation and heat recovery are key elements. Each Passive House is an active contribution to climate protection.  On the outside, Passive Houses are no different from conventional buildings, because the term “Passive House” describes a standard and not a specific construction method.

The Passive House concept can be implemented any where in the world. Windows play a critical role in the design of a passive house to deliver optimum comfort, indoor air quality and energy saving.  The windows need to achieve a balance between heat loss and solar gain to give comfortable conditions in cold weather without a conventional heating system and in warm weather without air conditioning.  The air permeability of the window is key to providing an airtight envelope.  

With the introduction of Green Agendas and Europe 2020, each member state of the EU is responsible and focused on achieving designated targets for climate/energy savings to be reached by 2020.  This means it is more important than ever that products used are as energy efficient as possible. Munster Joinery specialise in the design and manufacture of windows & doors suitable for passive buildings.

Munster Joinery’s PassiV uPVC, AluClad and Aluminium window ranges have been certified as “Passive house suitable” components by the Passive House Institute – the German based global certification authority for passive housing.  The Passive House institute classifies products which it considers to be suitable for passive housing as either phC for certifiable component, phB for a basic component or phA for an advanced component. We offer several windows which have achieved a phA efficiency class.

Munster Joinery’s PassiV range of windows are extremely competitive when compared with other Passive windows which means that the dream of a passive building which uses little or no energy is now available to everyone. Up to now, windows have added huge cost to the passive build.  We hope that this range of windows will help make passive standards more accessible to builders and homeowners.

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