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Certified Passive Standard

Certified Passive Standard

Rosslare Passive house.

This house used the triple glazed PassiV Future Proof uPVC window to meet stringent Passiv Haus Institute certification requirements. This scheme is the first commercial development to adapt the Passive House philosophy to the Irish housing market. The PassiV Future Proof window was designed specifically for just such a project with the hope that this range will help make passive standards more accessible to Irish builders and homeowners.

This video footage features our PassiV uPVC Future Proof Windows and  PassiV uPVC Future Proof Doors


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5 Passive House Certified Window Systems

Munster Joinery now have 5 Passive House Certified Window Systems

Five window systems from our PassiV uPVC, AluClad and Aluminium ranges have been certified as “Passive House Suitable” components by the Passive House Institute . Get More Details